ToolsYou wouldn’t build a house without a hammer, right? Well, you can’t build a career without tools either!

When it comes to helping you build your career, we offer two methods for getting started.

Sometimes, you need to start with something as simple as understanding how you’re seen in the professional world.

Assessment Tools

In this case, we provide you with assessment tools. These are products that help you in a specific area as follows:

LinkedIn Level +UP

Developed by top 20 LinkedIn Influencer J.T. O’Donnell, LinkedIn Level+UP has helped people all over the world get the most out of their LinkedIn profile. All you have to do is provide your online profile and a Coach will send you a detailed video review on how to optimize its effectiveness. Learn more about our LinkedIn assessment here!

Professional Strengths Assessment

Complete our quizzes and send your results to a Coach – they send you a detailed video on what your strengths mean in the workplace! Learn more about our Professional Strengths Assessment here!

“Am I Money?” Assessment

Simple submit your resume and cover letter and a coach records a detailed review on how you can improve both. Learn more about our resume and cover letter assessment here!

Other times, you need a more comprehensive, step-by-step approach mapped out to reach your goals. That’s when our coaching packages can help!

In-Depth Coaching Packages

Need a new job? Check out our JSAP (Job Search Accelerator Program). Want to advance on-the job? Take a look at our CAP (Career Accelerator Program).

Each of these programs can be purchased with 30 days of support. We have three levels of help as follows:

Basic Membership

The D.I.Y. version of the program offers extensive tools and resources and access to our coaches during group, live training sessions online held throughout the week for your convenience.

Email Membership

All of the features of our BASIC program, plus the added benefit of access to a dedicated career coach who will answer any questions you have by email within two business days.

Phone Membership

Besides getting the BASIC and EMAIL support levels, you’ll also get four, 30-minute calls with your coach (one/week), to help accelerate your success in the program.

Have questions about any of these tools? Feel free to email us at