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Secret of a Successful
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How to Find Work Faster With the Job Search Accelerator Program
J.T. O'DonnellJ.T. O’Donnell
Job search specialist who helps people find work faster than on their own.

Dear Friends,

PLEASE: Don’t even think of continuing your current strategy for finding work until you learn about my Job Search Accelerator Program (JSAP).

I want you to have the opportunity to read EXACTLY why I developed this training program.

Let’s get started…

Chronic Problem for Most Americans

If you’re on this page then you’re one of the following:

  • Currently employed but feel overworked and need something new.
  • Unemployed for multiple months and exhausted from being rejected.

With more than 84 percent of Americans surveyed saying they want a new job, chances are you are unhappy and want something better. What you may not realize is three words are holding you back.

3 Words Holding You Back: ‘I Am Afraid’

Most of folks who join JSAP are expecting to dive right into what’s wrong with their cover letter, resume or LinkedIn profile. But instead, I make them finish the statement, “I am afraid…” in as much detail as they can and send it to me.

Why? Those three words are at the heart of every stalled job search and dead-end career in America. You see, your inability to move forward comes from fear. And here are some of the most common career fears:

  • Failure
  • Making a mistake
  • Looking stupid
  • Finding out you aren’t talented
  • Rejection
  • Being wrong about what you really want
  • Doing your best and still not getting any results
  • Lack experience needed
  • Not good at communicating with strangers
  • Don’t have the patience
  • Not strong enough to make the effort
  • Too depressed to make the effort anymore
  • “Nobody wants me”
  • “I’m over-the-hill”

Forget the economy for a second and just ask yourself, “Do you deserve better?” If the voice in your head says, “Yes!” then you need to take action.

Let’s Face It: If you could have found greater career satisfaction on your own, you would have by now. So, why not give yourself some well-deserved support that will help you get what you need.

We spend a third of our lives at our jobs – isn’t it time you felt good about your career?

Watch this video and meet Glenn – he joined JSAP and landed a job 45 days later. Here’s his story…

10 Interviews to Land a Job

How long have you been looking for work?

Honestly, can you step back and realistically calculate the actual time you’ve spent in the hunt? Is it days, weeks, months? See if you can guestimate the hours. Then, divide the total number of job interviews you’ve been on in to that number and you’ll have your current “job search hours per interview” statistic.

How’s that number looking to you?

My guess – not so good.

If your job search isn’t getting you interviews, you aren’t going to get any job offers. In fact, my personal experience shows today’s job seeker can complete as many as 10 or more interviews with different companies before they get a job.

The competitive job market and your own performance in the interview will impact that number greatly, but suffice it to say you need a way to get more interviews, preferably with the least amount of job search hours possible.

Job Search Accelerator Program

Secret of a Successful Job Search

The solution to finding work these days is a “Disruptive Job Search.”

The term “disruptive” is being used a lot lately in the marketing world.

The old techniques for selling products and services aren’t working any more. The Internet and more specifically, social media have created a need for marketers to find new ways to engage their target audience. Experts say the solution is to be disruptive in the market as a way to get an audience’s attention, with the key to success being you make a positive impression in the process.

Disruptive is not about acting silly or crazy – it’s about being unexpected… in a good way. Job seekers need to pay attention to what these marketers are saying.

That’s because, as a business-of-one who is selling their services to employers, conducting a Disruptive Job Search will help a job seeker stand out, land more interviews, and get hired faster.

Here’s the Deal: I created a one-stop-shop for the average job seeker called, CareerHMO. Embedded in this community is my Job Search Accelerator Program which will help solve your job search problems and put an end to your struggling ways – all using the following formula:

Disruptive Job Search + The G.L.OW. Method = Success & Satisfaction

I’m fulfilling a dream with the introduction of this program to the public because it’s a culmination of my 21 years of career coaching experience. It feels good to be able to provide a service that has helped so many people find satisfying work.

I started the network as a way to bring awareness to Americans, just like having a doctor and being part of a medical HMO, in today’s fast-paced, ever-changing workplace, you need CareerHMO to keep your career healthy.

As we say at the office, “Nobody should job search alone!”

Job Search Accelerator Program

Benefits of Joining CareerHMO

What do you do when you need career advice? You probably read articles, right?

While many authors do a good job sharing information, there is no guarantee you are going to be able to apply the advice to your own situation.

Here are five reasons you should seek support from CareerHMO:

  1. You need help completing the proper self-assessment vital to good career design and job search.
  2. You could use guidance customizing advice and applying it to your unique situation.
  3. You feel overwhelmed and stuck and would love some one-on-one coaching from someone who truly understands your situation.
  4. You’ve come to realize you’re missing key career tools (i.e. LinkedIn profile, resume, cover letter) and need to create them or have them reviewed – fast.
  5. You could use a personal motivator to keep you focused and productive.

Now, I can’t promise you any specific results.

(However, I do offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.)

But this special training program shows you EXACTLY how to conduct an effective job search for the next 30 days in order to cut time off your job search.

We are shortening a job search by as much as 50% for some members.

(You could possibly see even better results… depending on your current network and ability to be coached.)

In JSAP, I will tell you EXACTLY what action steps to take each day. And, I even give you a list of milestones so you can have a snapshot of your progress.

Here are a few of the tips I provide:

  • The number one easiest way to write a cover letter.
  • 4 different ways to create a resume that’s guaranteed to be read.
  • 5 things you “must have” on your LinkedIn profile.
  • A secret way to network without annoying anyone.
  • Word-for-word, the exact text to include in LinkedIn invitations.
  • The biggest mistake every job seeker makes on Mondays.

Short of conducting your job search for you, I cannot possibly make it easier for you to find work – quickly.

(List of precise program features is below.)

Now, I understand you may be hesitant to join something so new – it’s hard to really get a sense of what CareerHMO is when you have nothing to compare it to, right?

Here’s what two of my current members have to say about CareerHMO:

“The president told me my cover letter was the best he’d ever seen in his LIFE. In two weeks, he had received over 250 resumes for the opening… half of them didn’t even have cover letters. The others were just poorly written. Thank you so much for the CareerHMO tools that guided me to writing a successful cover letter that ultimately landed me a job.”

- Danielle R.

“During my time in between executive level positions, CareerHMO was a valuable job search educational and motivational resource. I took advantage of the many useful and informative videos and benefitted from the career management advice and articles. As a job search tool, CareerHMO is the best online value going and I enthusiastically recommend it to those at any professional level who are committed to a successful job search outcome.”

- Lynn H.

Now it’s time to choose if you want in or not.

To give it a shot, click the “Join Us Now” button below on the level that meets your needs.

Job Search Accelerator Program

Limited Time Special Offer

You’ll notice in the features below I have four BONUS resources listed at the bottom. These are very popular items that usually require an additional subscription to activate, but for a limited time I’m offering them as a bonus.

I’m also providing up to a 51% discount, depending on which level you choose.

Act quickly before I close out this deal.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Unlike most com­pa­nies who do not offer a return on digital services, we strongly want our customers to be comfortable with their decision to use us which is why we honor a risk-free trial period of one month.

I want you to feel completely secure this investment in your career is the right choice.

Try the Job Search Accelerator Program for a full 30 days. If you don’t feel it’s the most comprehensive piece of effective job search resources you’ve ever tried, or if you aren’t completely satisfied, I’ll give you your money back… guaranteed!


Warning: JSAP is for Aggressive Job Seekers Only

After reading this, you might say, “Ah, it sounds interesting, but I’ll just keep figuring out this job search stuff myself.”

That’s okay, but would you do surgery on yourself, or pull your own tooth out?

Many people won’t choose to join this incredible program – and that’s okay.

We don’t want everyone to join.

We want to focus on the people who understand and appreciate what it’s like to have a team of experts take care of them.

We only want members who want to succeed and want to be shown how to get there.

We only want folks who realize by signing up for help, they are going to get some new, better results than what they’ve been getting on their own.

Is that you?

Kindest regards,

J.T. O'DonnellJ.T. O’Donnell
Founder & CEO

P.S. Even if you don’t join my Job Search Accelerator Program (JSAP), you still need to adjust your job seeking style in general. The constant stress you’re experiencing will affect other areas of your life, such as your health and family. (If it hasn’t already.) So if you don’t take action here, at least take action somewhere else.

P.P.S. JSAP is backed by a 100% No-Risk Satisfaction Guarantee, so you aren’t risking anything by giving it a try. Your well-being is definitely worth this opportunity.


CareerHMO’s JSAP is the most comprehensive and cutting-edge job search resource available online. No other program offers as much information and tools from top experts.
J.T. O’Donnell is the creator of JSAP. Her work has been featured on the following media outlets.

Media Sources

Every purchase comes with *lifetime access* to the following resources:
  • 20-Point Disruptive Job Search Video Series
  • 7-Element Self-Assessment Tool
  • Career Criteria Tool
  • Elevator Pitch Tutorial
  • 3-Step Personal Branding Process
  • Blueprint for Cracking Untapped Job Market
  • Secret to Attracting Employers
  • Employer Research Checklist
  • How to Remove Personal Roadblocks
  • 4 Optimized Resume Templates
  • How to Write a Resume in 15 Minutes Tutorial
  • 5 Steps to a Flawless LinkedIn Profile
  • How to Write a Cover Letter Tutorial
  • 18 Interview Questions You Must Be Prepared For
  • Foolproof LinkedIn Introduction Template
  • How to Acquire Credibility When Networking Tutorial
  • 20-Minute Job Search Cheat Sheet
Every purchase also comes with a 30-day membership to CareerHMO which includes:
  • 200+ Hours of Training Videos (Bonus)
  • 8 Job Search E-books (Bonus)
  • Daily Group Coaching Webinars (Bonus)
  • New Job Search Advice Added Weekly (Bonus)
  • Exclusive Career Advice Sent Weekly via E-mail (Bonus)
DIY $195 $95
· Includes over $1,000 of premium resources (listed to left) ·
· 30-day money-back guarantee ·

Pro $395 $195
*Most Popular Package*
· Includes over $1,000 of premium resources (listed to left) ·
· 24/7 career support (unlimited) via e-mail from top experts ·
· 30-day money-back guarantee ·

Intensive $795 $495
· Includes over $1,000 of premium resources (listed to left) ·
· 24/7 career support (unlimited) via e-mail from top experts ·
· 4 exclusive one-on-one coaching sessions by phone ·
· 30-day money-back guarantee ·
Pro & Intensive: Members are assigned a private career coach for 30 days. E-mail questions are answered within one business day.
Intensive Only: Phone calls last 30 minutes and members must schedule one per week. If you don’t use them, you lose them.
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